Hamil Anak Kedua, Chelsea Olivia: 2020 Penuh Kejutan!

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Kamis, 28 Mei 2020 09:05 WIB
Chelsea Olivia hamil anak kedua
Foto: Instagram
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Kabar bahagia kali ini datang dari Chelsea Olivia dan Glenn Alinskie. Lewat Instagram miliknya, Chelsea Olivia mengumumkan kehamilan keduanya.

Hamil anak kedua di tahun ini, Chelsea menyebut 2020 penuh dengan kejutan.


"Here it goes.. WE ARE PREGNANT.. 2020 is a year full of surprises. Well every year and every moment can always be a surprise if you are with @glennalinskie . And this year these surprises came in with uncountable blessings," buka Chelsea Olivia dalam Instagram miliknya.

"Through love, another baby is forming inside of me. I have been there before, i know the familiar feeling of being pregnant. However, this time is very different. A whole new experience, i felt things i have never felt before when i was pregnant with Nastusha. And that is what makes it so special. And the thought of a little lovely creature forming inside of me is just so exhilarating. I want to thank all of you who gave your best wishes to our family," sambungnya lagi.


Chelsea juga meminta maaf akan komentar yang banyak datang padanya. Ia meminta maaf lantaran tak bisa membalas komentar tersebut satu per satu.

"Thank you for all your best wishes, sorry I couldn't reply every single one of you but i do read almost all of them and it makes me happy and thankful for having such supportive friends/families and followers. I love you all, and please join me in my pregnancy journey that i will share here," paparnya lagi.

Sebelumnya, Chelsea Olivia dan Glenn Alinskie sudah dikaruniai satu orang anak perempuan yang diberi nama Nastusha.

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