Mantul! Ultah ke-27 Kimmy Jayanti Dapat Mobil Mewah dari Greg

Jumat, 19 Okt 2018 09:08 WIB  ·   Prih Prawesti Febrian - detikHOT
Mantul! Ultah ke-27 Kimmy Jayanti Dapat Mobil Mewah dari Greg Foto: Kimmy Jayanti (Repro Instagram Kimmy Jayanti)
Jakarta - Model Kimmy Jayanti baru merayakan ulang tahunnya yang ke-27. Di hari bahagianya itu, Kimmy mendapatkan hadiah yang mewah. Kimmy mendapatkan mobil BMW dari sang suami, Greg.

Mendapatkan kado istimewa itu, Kimmy sangat bahagia. Hal tersebut langsung diposting di Instagram miliknya.

"I was born 27 years ago, today. my life has a purpose, simple yet meaningful one. i want to make my parents happy, then i realize that even forever a'int forever. i thought i'd never be happy again since my father passed away, but lucky me i still have a mothers love," tulis Kimmy Jayanti dilihat detikHOT, Jumat (19/10/2018).

"long story short, i get back up, i open a new door to the future, i take a deep breath and step through a new life. this man right here @greg11n my husband, has made me laugh, wiped my tears, seen me fail, watch me succeed and kept me strong. he is a gift from God," sambungnya lagi.

Mantul! Ultah ke-27 Kimmy Jayanti Dapat Mobil Mewah dari GregFoto: Kimmy Jayanti (Repro Instagram Kimmy Jayanti)

"Dear Gregory, what did i do to deserve all these? thanks my love, i have made a vow for better for worse with u, i wont let anything or anyone break us. i will stand by you forever by the grace of God. #YourBdayGirl #TheGloriousGregories #thepoweroflove #Godisgood #Lucky27 #letsgrowoldtogether," tutupnya.

Hal tersebut mendapat reaksi dari netizen.

"Wow kimmm, kamu cantik bangettt... Happy Birthday ya Kim Wish you all THe best," papar netizen.

"Happy birthday queen....," urai netter.

"Happiest bday Kimmy," kata warganet.

Wah selamat ulang tahun ya Kimmy!

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