Posting Foto Ciuman dengan Chelsea Olivia, Glenn Alinskie Diserang

Senin, 22 Okt 2018 20:06 WIB Mauludi Rismoyo - detikHot
Foto: Glenn Alinskie dan Chelsea Olivia (Ismail/detikHOT)
Jakarta - Glenn Alinskie memposting foto sedang berciuman dengan istrinya, Chelsea Olivia Wijaya, di Instagram. Dia juga tak lupa memberikan tulisan romantis mengenai foto tersebut.

"I remembered our 1st kiss.. it produced beautiful fireworks in my heart and butterflies in my stomach. Now, everytime we kissed, your lips set my heart on Fire and unleashes a Dragon within! Kissing is a sign of love. Lets spread the love. Not hate," tulis Glenn saat dikutip detikHOT, Senin (22/10/2018).

Karena mengunggah foto itu, Instagram sang aktor diserang netizen. Foto itu dinilai kurang pantas dipajang di media sosial.

"Pasangan setres," komen @quen**06.

"Banyak anak yg dibawah umur punya medsos, dan kalo liat ini nggak kebayang dah," timpal @zaara**tira.

Glenn Alinskie pun sadar mengenai foto ciumannya dengan Chelsea Olivia menjadi kontroversi warganet. Bapak satu anak itu pun berkomentar mengenai hal tersebut.

"Since so many commented on my previous post, I think I wanna comment a little something too. I personally think, a kiss is an act of affection and love. in this world where we live in,many people tend to forget or tend to hide their feelings about love, yet so easily get offended and so easily judge and resort to hate, violence and bullying. and i think it is a pity. if you love someone, tell them, and show them. kiss them or hug them before it's too late. not many can read minds, they may not know your feelings. when was the last time you kissed your loved 1 passionately? and when was the 1 before that? only you know the answer," katanya.

"If you cannot remember when it was, then i hope you do it quickly, tell them how you feel and show them. live your life to the fullest. and love with all your heart. don't hold back because you FEAR the future. doing exactly that might cause a chain reaction that might cause your fears to come true. LIVE, SAVOUR and APPRECIATE every moment. one day we all DIE. but every other day, we LIVE and i hope we learn to LOVE. Feel free to tag your family and friends whom you want to LOVE wholeheartedly," tutup Glenn.


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