Shane Steven Filan

Shane Steven Filan


Nama Asli Shane Steven Filan Nama Panggilan Shane Nama Populer Shane Filan / Shane Westlife Tempat/Tanggal Lahir Sligo, Ireland, 5 Juli 1979


Musical career :

Westlife  (1998-2012)


co-written :

  • Fragile Heart
  • Bop Bop Baby (Became a hit single and made it into #5 in U.K. singles charts)
  • Don't Say It's Too Late
  • I wanna grow old with you
  • I'm missing loving you
  • Singing Forever
  • Where we belong
  • Never knew I was losing you
  • Love Crime
  • How Does It Feel
  • Crying Girl
  • Reason For Living
  • Miss You When I'm Dreaming
  • A Little Part of Me / Little Part of Me / Extraordinary LoveA
  • Love Ain't WarA
  • This LifeA
  • Closer
  • Too Hard To Say Goodbye

He has also written songs for other artists, (together with his former bandmate McFadden):

  • Listen Girl sung by John Ostberg
  • Let Me Be the One sung by Simon Casey (the song written by only Shane himself)
  • Sei Parte Ormai Di Me sung by Il Divo
  • The Music Won't Last / Music Won't Last by Jerry Given

Solo Song :

  • Beautiful In White UNREALEASE (2010)


  • Westlife (Boyband)
  • CO-Writter Song Westlife
  • Song Written for other artist
  • Solo Song - Beautiful In White (UNREALEASE)

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